What Does Liability Insurance for Tenants Mean? – VillaroHome Explains

What is liability insurance?

In the basic, this is one more insurance type that is pretty beloved in Germany. Haftpflichtversicherung – don’t forget this word, because you might be asked about this insurance more than you could think.

But not without the reason liability insurance is beloved and often asked in Germany. It is actually very good and useful insurance protecting you! Mieterhaftpflichtversicherung covers you and your family (your furry friend too) if you have damaged property (TV, sofa, phone, carpet…) of someone else.


Why do tenants need to have liability insurance?

Because it’s a very easy and safe way to protect yourself! Does there need to be any other good reason? Well, let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Renting a furnished apartment means living in someone’s apartment and being responsible for everything inside the house. There is furniture, deco’s and electronics that the landlord has bought for the flat. No one would like to damage another person’s property, but let’s stay real – things happen! Unfortunately, not always happen only good things!

Your children while running around the flat hit the TV and it fell, your dog found the sofa very tasty and tried to eat it on the dinner, but your beloved one left the roof window open when it was raining and now water spots are ruining the flooring. Things happen but liability insurance may help.

With Mieterhaftpflichtversicherung you can feel safe if something goes wrong. You won’t also ruin the relationship with the landlord or housing agency.

What else should I know?

  • Not all damages are always insured. Check the information before purchasing the policy.
  • All damages need to be reported not only to insurance but also to the landlord.
  • Liability insurance can also help in cases of dispute if you can’t agree with the landlord about some damages.
  • Liability insurance is cheap and you can applicate for it also online.

If you are now searching for good liability insurance and want to get the best deal – don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to give you contacts from our Partner!