Moving to Berlin? Top 20 Websites You Need to Know

Berlin is not only the capital and the largest city in Germany but also an independent city-state and the center of the Berlin/Brandenburg region. It is one of the most influential political centers in the European Union and one of the most visited cities on the continent.

Berlin is an important economic, cultural, and educational center welcoming hundred and thousand of people to move to Berlin from all over the world every single year! It is such an international where you can find new friends easily and live the life you like.

Nevertheless, finding interesting events, worth-visiting restaurants, unique places, and unknown spots can be challenging. Finding the right platform with the information about public transportation in Berlin or trains in Germany can introduce doubts… Berlin is so large and colorful and it’s so easy to get lost in the information.

But we, VillaroHome Team, know how hard sometimes it can be, to find the right information! Every day we talk to our clients and answer most different questions about direction, restaurants, and weather in November. To help you after relocating to Berlin, we want to provide 20 useful online resources that will help in your daily life.