Meet Our New Office Dog! | Why Are Dogs Good for the Office?

About our new office dog

His name is Chico, and he is a small, 4 years old Pomeranian. Chico is actually one of the sweetest and friendliest dogs that we have ever met and that’s something really amazing because his life has had some hard ups and downs.

Chico was born in Russia, Kaliningrad but his whole life he is living in Germany, Berlin. Despite his calm character and big, beautiful eyes, the first owner has abandoned him. And it may sound very tough, but we believe that everything happens for a reason! Maybe he was abandoned to meet his real owner, who loves and cares about Chico!

Guess what, now they both work together in VillaroHome and ensures the appropriate atmosphere in the office and positive mood for every employee and our customer!

Why are dogs good for the office?

There have been made several studies on this topic and yes, dogs in the office can really give many benefits! According to research from the VetHelpDirect and other research channels, here are a few of them:
1. Dogs reduce employees stress
2. They help to connect with people and socialize with colleagues
3. Dogs encourage a healthier lifestyle
4. They create a friendlier atmosphere and increase the bond between staff
5. Yes, dogs also increase productivity and creativity
6. And they help us not to forget about little breaks that we all need

Nevertheless, you need to be sure, if the office environment is right for having a dog, do employees have some allergies or fears from dogs, and does the dog is prepared for the office and strangers. The office is a place where we all need to feel well and inspired to do our job!