Moving to Berlin? Top 20 Websites You Need to Know

Moving to Berlin? Top 20 Websites You Need to Know

Berlin is not only the capital and the largest city in Germany but also an independent city-state and the center of the Berlin/Brandenburg region. It is one of the most influential political centers in the European Union and one of the most visited cities on the continent.

Berlin is an important economic, cultural, and educational center welcoming hundred and thousand of people to move to Berlin from all over the world every single year! It is such an international where you can find new friends easily and live the life you like.

Nevertheless, finding interesting events, worth-visiting restaurants, unique places, and unknown spots can be challenging. Finding the right platform with the information about public transportation in Berlin or trains in Germany can introduce doubts… Berlin is so large and colorful and it’s so easy to get lost in the information.

But we, VillaroHome Team, know how hard sometimes it can be, to find the right information! Every day we talk to our clients and answer most different questions about direction, restaurants, and weather in November. To help you after relocating to Berlin, we want to provide 20 useful online resources that will help in your daily life.

10 Things to Consider if You Want a Dog-Friendly Office

10 Things to Consider if You Want a Dog-Friendly Office

Even though everywhere in Europe having an office dog/s is a new trend, in Berlin that is a normal practice. There are many dog-friendly offices all around the city. Berliners love dogs and animals and you can see them everywhere!

Nevertheless, having an office dog is a totally new responsibility level! You need to care for the dog without forgetting about employees and customers. You need to make a good and harmonized atmosphere for all of them. You need to understand, does it is overall possible to have a dog in your office and does it will not harm him or someone else.

Besides all the positive and good things that dog brings inside the office, before taking the office dog, you need to consider 10 very important things:

  1. Do your employees have some allergies or fears against dogs?
  2. Do your customers will be happy to meet a dog in the office?
  3. Is it right for your company and niche to support a dog-friendly office?
  4. Does your office is enough large and safe for dogs?
  5. Does the dog have all the required vaccines and flea medications?
  6. Does the dog have liability insurance?
  7. What is the character of the dog and how is he behaving?
  8. How many dogs do we want to allow in our office?
  9. What to do if the dog damages something or poops on the carpet?
  10. What to do if the dog distracts employees from their job?

To allow or not to allow dogs in your office is a very good question and there isn’t the right answer! Every company needs to make its decision individually and consider all possible pros and cons. But we, VillaroHome, are very happy every morning in the office meet our Pomeranian Chico!

What Does Liability Insurance for Tenants Mean? – VillaroHome Explains

What Does Liability Insurance for Tenants Mean? – VillaroHome Explains

What is liability insurance?

In the basic, this is one more insurance type that is pretty beloved in Germany. Haftpflichtversicherung – don’t forget this word, because you might be asked about this insurance more than you could think.

But not without the reason liability insurance is beloved and often asked in Germany. It is actually very good and useful insurance protecting you! Mieterhaftpflichtversicherung covers you and your family (your furry friend too) if you have damaged property (TV, sofa, phone, carpet…) of someone else.


Why do tenants need to have liability insurance?

Because it’s a very easy and safe way to protect yourself! Does there need to be any other good reason? Well, let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Renting a furnished apartment means living in someone’s apartment and being responsible for everything inside the house. There is furniture, deco’s and electronics that the landlord has bought for the flat. No one would like to damage another person’s property, but let’s stay real – things happen! Unfortunately, not always happen only good things!

Your children while running around the flat hit the TV and it fell, your dog found the sofa very tasty and tried to eat it on the dinner, but your beloved one left the roof window open when it was raining and now water spots are ruining the flooring. Things happen but liability insurance may help.

With Mieterhaftpflichtversicherung you can feel safe if something goes wrong. You won’t also ruin the relationship with the landlord or housing agency.

What else should I know?

  • Not all damages are always insured. Check the information before purchasing the policy.
  • All damages need to be reported not only to insurance but also to the landlord.
  • Liability insurance can also help in cases of dispute if you can’t agree with the landlord about some damages.
  • Liability insurance is cheap and you can applicate for it also online.

If you are now searching for good liability insurance and want to get the best deal – don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be glad to give you contacts from our Partner!

Meet Our New Office Dog! | Why Are Dogs Good for the Office?

Meet Our New Office Dog! | Why Are Dogs Good for the Office?

About our new office dog

His name is Chico, and he is a small, 4 years old Pomeranian. Chico is actually one of the sweetest and friendliest dogs that we have ever met and that’s something really amazing because his life has had some hard ups and downs.

Chico was born in Russia, Kaliningrad but his whole life he is living in Germany, Berlin. Despite his calm character and big, beautiful eyes, the first owner has abandoned him. And it may sound very tough, but we believe that everything happens for a reason! Maybe he was abandoned to meet his real owner, who loves and cares about Chico!

Guess what, now they both work together in VillaroHome and ensures the appropriate atmosphere in the office and positive mood for every employee and our customer!

Why are dogs good for the office?

There have been made several studies on this topic and yes, dogs in the office can really give many benefits! According to research from the VetHelpDirect and other research channels, here are a few of them:
1. Dogs reduce employees stress
2. They help to connect with people and socialize with colleagues
3. Dogs encourage a healthier lifestyle
4. They create a friendlier atmosphere and increase the bond between staff
5. Yes, dogs also increase productivity and creativity
6. And they help us not to forget about little breaks that we all need

Nevertheless, you need to be sure, if the office environment is right for having a dog, do employees have some allergies or fears from dogs, and does the dog is prepared for the office and strangers. The office is a place where we all need to feel well and inspired to do our job!



Apartment Furnishing with Professionals | VillaroHome Living

Why should I entrust furnishing to someone?

Whether you want to breathe new life into your own home or set up a furnished rented apartment in Berlin, firstly, you need to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Not all people are having that special sense of color, space, and style. We are all different and that’s nothing bad! Even more, that’s why often instead of trying very hard without a great result, it’s better to use an opportunity to relax and work with professionals.



Apartment furnishing isn’t such as easy and cheap thing as a lot of people think. What if that couch will make the room look two times smaller as it is? What if all the lightning decors will give too bright and aggressive atmosphere? What if you will have to turn back that large bedroom wardrobe and start searching from the beginning? It’s a time, money, and nerve waste, especially if you are new in this area. That’s why it’s better and easier to ask for help and good advice from professionals like VillaroHome.

What VillaroHome offers?

VillaroHome can advise you on all kinds of furnishing questions starting from furniture, materials, equipment, design, and style. Questions from the kitchen to the bathroom, from the couch to a box spring mattress, from crockery to bed linens.

VillaroHome ensures perfect, sophisticated furnishings for the apartment while helping to create a feel-good atmosphere. Thanks to the many years of experience furnishing rental apartments, VillaroHome knows exactly what tenants expect from a temporary home.

As the costs depend on the size of your property and the kinds of fittings you desire, please feel free to contact the VillaroHome team with your specific wishes by email. You will not only get an individual offer and a furnished apartment but also increase the value of your property.

Why professional Apartment Photography is so important? | VillaroHome explains

Why professional Apartment Photography is so important? | VillaroHome explains

Are you a visual type?

Statistics show that information and emotions can be communicated visually far better than through words. Images stay better and longer in memory. That is why the optimal quality and expressiveness of a photo need to be very important to every apartment owner. An exceptionally beautiful image can trigger a very special feeling and greatly influence the decision of a potential tenant.

5 Reasons to choose a professional photo service

  1. You will have high-quality photos
  2. Photographs know how to play with lightning
  3. They know the right angle to look your room welcoming
  4. Photo service includes also photo editing
  5. They have many years of experience

VillaroHome Photo Service

Whether you want to rent your furnished apartment or not, you can always use VillaroHome’s in-house photo service.

VillaroHome takes beautiful photographs of your place, ones that reflect the property optimally, and guarantees that the furnished apartments in the portfolio will make your apartment shine in the right light.

VillaroHome has many years of experience in apartment photography and is always happy to help you and provide you with an individual offer, one that is tailored to your and your property needs.

For more info, contact VillaroHome here.