Frequently asked Questions

General Questions

I want to rent a temporary furnished apartment in Berlin. When does this make sense; when is this a good option?

If you are in Berlin for a short or even an indefinite period of time, it makes sense to rent a furnished apartment. There are distinct advantages: you live more privately and according to your own lifestyle, more discreetly and usually more economically than in comparable hotel rooms or apartments.

How can VillaroHome living help me; what service does VillaroHome living provide?

Our dedicated team at VillaroHome living specializes in providing you with a lovely, tailor-made furnished apartment as your temporary home in Berlin.

Our portfolio ranges from functional business apartments to apartments of various styles and sizes, from representative penthouses and designer lofts, to luxury apartments and luxury villas. (Translator’s note: Do you only do luxury apartments? In the above passage, it sounds like it.) All apartments are stylish and furnished with great attention to detail. The apartments in our portfolio are hand-selected by us, so we can be sure our high standards are met. Because we visit these apartments personally, we can guarantee that the images and exposés are authentic and representative. Further, we discuss the minimum requirements our clients require for all furnished apartments directly with the landlords.

What is the minimum rental period for a furnished apartment?

As the apartments in our portfolio are not intended as holiday apartments, the minimum rental period for furnished apartments is usually three months. Additionally, an option for an extension on the lease agreement is generally possible. However, an early termination of the rental agreement is not.

How do I find my ideal apartment in Berlin?

On our home page and in the search form, you can use the search function to find the most suitable, furnished apartments quickly and easily. You can choose from different city districts, your desired move-in date, and the minimum number of rooms you would like.

After you click “search”, you can also apply additional filters. If you have more specific requirements for your furnished apartment or if you want your place to be located within a certain radius of an exact zip code, search via the menu item for tenants and enter additional search criteria, such as the desired minimum size, the move-in date or a request for a balcony. If you still haven’t found your ideal apartment, please contact us directly for personal, individual support.

Is it possible to extend my rental agreement?

An extension of your lease is possible with the consent of the landlord. In general, an extension option is defined during contract negotiations. If you want to extend your lease, the extension option has to be activated with 30 days or more left in the rental agreement.

Rent and Costs

Is renting a furnished apartment in Berlin commission-free?

Normally, the tenant pays no commission. However, should we find an apartment for you that was not previously listed in our portfolio, a referral fee will be charged. (This is unavoidable as it is set by the rules for real estate agents.) If this is the case, we will point it out.

Do the rental prices include all incidental costs?

Most of the furnished apartments are offered at a flat rate, meaning that the costs for the normal use of electricity, water and heating are included in the rental price. If additional costs are added to the monthly rent, these are listed in the “extra costs” category of the exposé and later in the rental agreement.

How and when do I have to pay the rent?

The rent and the deposit must be paid to the landlord by bank transfer. You will receive the landlord’s bank information in the contract. The deposit is generally due with the signing of the contract. The first rent (and previously the deposit) must be transferred to the landlord’s account before you receive the keys. The rent must be transferred to the landlord on a monthly basis.

Sometimes, in order to provide the landlord with the greatest possible security, a shorter rental agreement might also include the possibility to pay the rent in advance for the entire period.

Who pays the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio public media fee?

If not expressly agreed in the rental agreement, you are responsible as a tenant for the registration and payment of the ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio public media fee (previously called GEZ). For more information, please visit the website

Steps to Rent an Apartment

What is the actual procedure for renting a temporary furnished apartment?

The process can be divided into eight steps:

  1. Send request to VillaroHome living
  2. Choose potential accommodations
  3. Arrange property showing/viewing dates
  4. Select desired rental property
  5. Send contract relevant documents to VillaroHome living
  6. Sign the lease agreement
  7. Transfer deposit and rent payment
  8. Pick-up keys and move in!

More information about the individual steps can be found here.

How do I start the process of looking for my rental?

There is a “send request” button on every information page for the furnished apartments. On these pages, you can send a request for the rental to VillaroHome living. Our team will check your details to make sure they are complete and check for availability of the requested apartments. One of the team members in our Berlin office will contact you and either ask for further details or arrange a showing of the apartment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the requested furnished apartment or to discuss any other suitable places that might interest you.

The VillaroHome living team will be happy to provide you with a viewing tour, during which you can look at several furnished apartments at a time. If you decide to rent the furnished apartment right away, you will need to send all contract-relevant information, so that the rental agreement can be drawn up.

Can I look at an exposé again at a later time?

Ja, das ist jederzeit möglich. Sie können aus folgenden Möglichkeiten wählen:

  1. You can send the exposé via email to your own email address or to a friend’s. Simply click on the “recommend” button on the apartment’s informational page and enter the appropriate email address.
  2. Each furnished apartment has an individual ID number in the exposé. Once you enter this four-digit number into the search box at the upper right corner, you will jump directly to the corresponding exposé. (Translator’s note: this does not make sense. If I need the exposé to get the number, how can I get the number off the exposé first?)
  3. You can download each exposé as a PDF. Simply go to the information page of the furnished apartment and download from there.
  4. You can save your favorite furnished apartments to your “wish list”. To do this, you must click on the star for any individual apartment you admire. Then, in the menu bar, you will see a list of your saved (wish listed) apartments. (Because this function is linked to your device, it can only be guaranteed as long as your browser retains the cookies.)

Is it possible to rent an apartment without visiting it?

Yes, you can absolutely rent an apartment without setting foot on the property beforehand. Because we carefully first visit and then select all apartments ourselves, we can advise you personally should you have any questions. Do note that occasionally some owners might ask for direct contact with you before concluding the contract.

After the tour, I decided on one of the apartments. What do I have to do?

Once you have chosen your apartment, please contact VillaroHome living by email or phone.
Tenant’s name and current address
Desired move-in and move-out dates
Extension request with end-date
Written proof of employment from employer
Credit report of the tenant

In order to rent, what documents do I need to send to VillaroHome living?

In order to verify your identity, we need a photo or photocopy of your official country ID card or passport before we start visiting the apartments.

Also, in order to verify your credit rating for the landlord, please send us the following documents: proof of income and confirmation from your employer or comparable proof of funds (a certificate from your bank or your tax accountant, an employment contract, and the like).

How does the handover of the keys and apartment work?

Generally, on the contracted start-date, there will be the handover of keys. This is carried out either by our housing agency, the landlord or another authorized person. You arrange for the date of the handover of the apartment and keys with an employee of VillaroHome living.

At the time of the handover of the furnished apartment and keys, there is usually a walk-through with the landlord. A document as to the inventory and condition of the apartment is drawn up and agreed upon, which is then signed by both landlord and tenant. This serves as security for both sides to document the state of the apartment and all furnishings. If your landlord is not on site for this walk-through, we recommend that you photograph any defects or issues you see and send a copy of these pictures to the landlord.

Furnishings in the Apartment

Is there Internet in the apartment?

Each exposé will indicate whether the furnished apartment has an active Internet connection or not. If the Internet is not connected and you have a longer lease rather than a very short lease, we will gladly talk to the owner and try to persuade him to hook up the Internet for you. You can also choose to set up an Internet connection at your own expense. In that case, we will be happy to help you with the organization.

Is there a basement in the furnished apartment?

Furnished apartments in Berlin generally do not have corresponding spaces in the basement. If you need storage space, we will try to find a solution with you and the owner.

During the Rental

What kind of insurance do I need to have?

As a tenant you are obligated to take out liability insurance, one that includes damage to rented objects.

Who is my contact person during the rental period?

In principle, our team will be happy to assist you with any questions that may arise. That said, in case of questions about the apartment, such as equipment, connections, etc., the landlord is usually your best contact. You will find the contact details of the landlord in the rental agreement. If you have any questions about the contract, a possible extension of the rental contract, or any other general questions, please contact us.

What do I do if, during my rental period, items in the apartment are defective or damaged?

It can happen at any time that something is defective or even with the utmost care that objects are damaged. We therefore ask you to document any damage and to report it to both the landlord and to us.

Both VillaroHome living and the landlords insist on liability insurance for all rentals, so any damages that are incurred by the tenants are generally covered by this insurance. Therefore, damage should also be reported to your insurance provider. If your insurance company does not cover the costs of repair and/or replacement of the items, then, after discussion with the landlord, generally the costs are deducted from your deposit.

Can I book a regular cleaning service?

Some landlords require regular cleaning of the property or have already included it in the rental price. If your landlord does not offer this, we will gladly help you finding a cleaning service.

Before I leave do I need to clean the apartment? How much does it cost?

At the end of the rental period a professional final cleaning is mandatory. The cost of this is charged hourly and must be paid by the tenant. Since the duration of the cleaning may vary greatly depending on the condition of the apartment, we cannot give you concrete information about the costs. As a tenant, however, you can influence the outcome to some degree: the cleaner and better cared for the apartment is, the less work for the cleaning crew and therefore the lower the cost. Before you leave, you will also need to make sure that there is sufficient detergent in the apartment (detergent, dishwashing detergent, cleaners, etc).

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