Rent a Furnished Apartment in Berlin – temporarily or longer

YOUR VISION – Get Precisely the Furnished Apartment You Envision
Looking to rent a furnished apartment in Berlin? We can find the right apartment for you. As you consider the perfect place, we will also be able to support you with such perks as a visiting-tour of potential properties, support during contract negotiations with the landlord, and any language issues; we can be a reliable partner during the entire rental experience.

The team of VillaroHome living has many years of experience in the field of temporary rentals, having helped hundreds of customers find and rent their ideal furnished apartments. We understand that location plays a major role for your temporary home. You, of course, don’t want a long commute every day, nor to be inconvenienced by endless hours in traffic jams. We know Berlin extraordinarily well and can lend you our best advice on the individual advantages of each district. Should you not be able to visit the furnished apartment on site personally, it is still very important to us that you get the most comprehensive impression possible of the property. We know all the apartments and owners personally, so we can answer any question you might have about the apartments in our portfolio quickly and comprehensively.
Together we can realize your vision of the perfect furnished apartment.

12 Reasons to Rent a Temporary Furnished Apartment with VillaroHome Living

1. Comprehensive and Customized Service

Every customer has different visions of their ideal furnished rental in Berlin. We focus on personal and individual attention and advice. In this way we can advise you not only in the selection of the right residential area to meet your needs, but also in finding the perfect apartment for you, a place you can feel at home.

2. An Experienced and Expert Team

The team of VillaroHome living consists of deeply knowledgeable Berliners with many years of experience in renting furnished apartments and houses. Through our direct and immediate attention to all inquiries, we can get you moved into your temporary apartment – your new home – as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in being able to communicate clearly and simply any special issues in renting a furnished place.

3. Our Impeccable Standards

We visit all objects in our portfolio beforehand. The apartments are also checked regularly, so that a high standard is maintained and guaranteed. Only apartments, in which we would also move in ourselves, are passed along to our customers.

4. Authentic Images and Exposés

The exposés and pictures of all furnished apartments provided by our housing agency are authentic and convey a realistic and comprehensive impression of the apartment and its furnishings. Additionally, for each exposé we create a 3D floor plan that shows the entire apartment. Renting is therefore possible without you needing to actually step foot onto the property.

5. We can Save you Time and Money

Our experienced staff will work with you to find out what criteria you might need fulfilled in order to find your ideal apartment. Then, we will send you suitable places. This saves you the time-consuming search and inspection of apartments that are not suitable. If you are travelling to Berlin and wish to visit some apartments, you need only give us a possible appointment window so we can organize a viewing tour and visit all your top-pick apartments one after the other. This will facilitate your decision, while saving you time and money.

6. Personal Accompaniment and Translation

As a rule, during the tour a team member will accompany you and, if necessary, we can help with translations into English and/or German. As part of this tour we will of course be happy to show you a little bit of our beautiful city.

7. Decision-making Support

If, in the end, you are still unsure as to which apartment to rent, we will support you with our friendly, expert advice until you have found your temporary Berlin home.

8. Contract Processing and Bilingual Rental Agreement

If you choose to rent a furnished apartment using our services here in Berlin, VillaroHome living will inform you about all documents needed and then be happy to get them to the landlord. We accompany you throughout the complete contract negotiations and will draw up a legal rental agreement.
The rental agreement is bilingual – English and German – so that our international customers can sign the contract without separate translation services. During the entire rental experience, we will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about the lease.

9. Any Special Requests?

If you have found your dream apartment, but you are missing a detail or perhaps an appliance or something else, we would be happy to talk with the landlord to arrange the appropriate purchase.

10. One-stop Shopping

We provide the complete package you need when renting a furnished apartment in Berlin; all support from beginning to finish from a single source. Before, during, and after the rental period, we will be your reliable partner.

11. Cleaning Service

If you want a regular cleaning service for your apartment, you can book this through our Berlin housing agency. This can also be coordinated and organized by us.

12. Support for Cancellation or Extension of your Rental Contract

Someone from our team will remind you when the rental contract ends and can also organize, if desired, an extension of the rental contract. We will of course also coordinate the final apartment handover date for you.

A Comparison: book a hotel or rent a furnished apartment in Berlin?

The advantages of a furnished apartment seem clear. Compared to a permanent stay at a hotel, a furnished apartment is not only the more comfortable, but also a dramatically less expensive alternative.

Our team can look for you for a home in Berlin where you can relax in the evenings or invite friends. Who wants to go to out to eat day after day, night after night? You can choose an apartment that suits your taste and avoid impersonal hotel rooms. When you rent a furnished apartment in Berlin, you can feel completely at ease.

The cost of a furnished apartment is easier to predict and plan, because you won’t be beholden to tradeshows and other events that book-out the city or send hotel rates sky-rocketing. Also, renting a furnished apartment in Berlin helps you to get to know our city better and to find a new home away from your home, your family and your friends, even if only for a time.

Safety. You can simply leave private items in your apartment, unlike in a hotel room. Also, since all furnished apartments are equipped with washing machines, you can easily clean your clothes yourself.

The optionally bookable cleaning service offers the same amenities as the hotel, except you can choose how often. Once a week? Every two weeks? Up to you.

Once you have your perfect rental apartment, you can say good-bye to the drudgery of constantly searching for and booking a hotel room. And you can choose a residential district that you enjoy, steps away from your office and favorite restaurants. There is no “check in” or “check out” when you have a key to your own place.

Our team will look – together with you – to find the right place, one that exactly meets your expectations and is tailored to your individual needs.

Furnished Versus Unfurnished?

Undeniably, it is less time consuming to rent a furnished apartment in Berlin than to find an unfurnished apartment. Not only is the search usually easier, the rental process is also less complicated and bureaucratic. You can easily, quickly, and flexibly move to your new home – every day of the month.

Another advantage of the furnished rental is the enormous time and cost savings, as you do not have to search for and buy new furniture for the apartment. Almost immediately you can rent a furnished apartment in Berlin for a period starting at three months. This offers great flexibility. Importantly, if you do not yet know how long you want to stay in Berlin, a furnished apartment is your best bet. Unfurnished apartments generally come with a minimum of a one to two year contract

If you rent a furnished apartment in Berlin, you can still give it your own individual style. After all, this is your home – maybe for several months, maybe even years – YOUR HOME.