Why professional Apartment Photography is so important? | VillaroHome explains

Why professional Apartment Photography is so important? | VillaroHome explains

Are you a visual type?

Statistics show that information and emotions can be communicated visually far better than through words. Images stay better and longer in memory. That is why the optimal quality and expressiveness of a photo need to be very important to every apartment owner. An exceptionally beautiful image can trigger a very special feeling and greatly influence the decision of a potential tenant.

5 Reasons to choose a professional photo service

  1. You will have high-quality photos
  2. Photographs know how to play with lightning
  3. They know the right angle to look your room welcoming
  4. Photo service includes also photo editing
  5. They have many years of experience

VillaroHome Photo Service

Whether you want to rent your furnished apartment or not, you can always use VillaroHome’s in-house photo service.

VillaroHome takes beautiful photographs of your place, ones that reflect the property optimally, and guarantees that the furnished apartments in the portfolio will make your apartment shine in the right light.

VillaroHome has many years of experience in apartment photography and is always happy to help you and provide you with an individual offer, one that is tailored to your and your property needs.

For more info, contact VillaroHome here.

8 Reasons to Entrust the Apartment Research to Professionals such as VillaroHome

8 Reasons to Entrust the Apartment Research to Professionals such as VillaroHome

1. Service that adapts research to everyone’s needs

Every person has different visions of their ideal furnished rental in Berlin. But professional agencies such as VillaroHome focus on personal and individual attention and advice. In this way, the agency can advise you not only in the selection of the right residential area but also in finding the apartment that matches your extra needs like having a dishwasher, parking lot, or elevator in the house.

2. You are consulted by an experienced team

Entrusting the apartment research to an agency that is working within the real estate every single day is actually the best thing you can do! They know what they have and how to meet your needs. They are following the news and always updating their system. Even more, housing agencies such as VillaroHome consist of deeply knowledgeable Berliners who will tell you not only which areas are the safest for your children but also where to get the best Italian food and go hiking.

3. Professionals have standards

Housing agencies have standards and that’s a very important point. We check our apartments regularly and update our portfolio with the newest information and photos. But if we promise something, we are holding our promises.

4. You see authentic photos and exposés

Okay, I can’t swear that all housing agencies in their portfolios, websites, and exposes have original photos from the apartments, but I know, there exist agencies using only original photos. They are using the service of a professional photographer or photograph themself, just as VillaroHome does. Their exposés and photos of all apartments are authentic and convey a realistic and comprehensive impression of the apartment and its furnishings. Additionally, for each exposé, they create a 3D floor plan that shows the entire apartment. You can rent an apartment and imagine living inside even before stepping inside!

5. Language skills

To help you with the most complicated questions, every professional agency will be able to speak a minimum of 2 languages. In this case, VillaroHome consultants can demonstrate their skills in 4 languages! If necessary, it’s also possible to receive help with translations into English and/or German.

6. Help with documentation and contract processing

A professional agency will inform you about all documents needed and even more – they will prepare and check them. Professional real estate consultants will always accompany you throughout the complete contract negotiations and will draw up a legal rental agreement. One more VillaroHome benefit? Their rental agreement is bilingual – English and German – so that the international customers can sign the contract without separate translation services.

7. Cleaning service

Don’t forget, if you work with professionals, they will take care of you and your well-being at the highest level. If you want a regular cleaning service for your apartment, you can book this through your Berlin housing agency. Do you think your windows are too dirty or do you have some other extra wishes? Feel free to contact your Real Estate agency. Companies like VillaroHome find the best solution and organizes everything for your well-being.

8. Support for cancellation or extension of your rental contract

Agencies like VillaroHome are always there to remind you when the rental contract ends and can also organize if desired, an extension of the rental contract. You have nothing to worry about because there is always someone who will care for you!

What is a Furnished Apartment? | VillaroHome explains  

What is a Furnished Apartment? | VillaroHome explains  

A furnished apartment is an apartment providing you with everything you need for a comfortable living. As we, the team from VillaroHome, like to say – the only thing missing in the apartment is you and your suitcase! But let’s dig a little bit deeper.

Just imagine going inside the apartment and feeling at home. You have a wine bottle opener and vacuum cleaner. All shelves are full and the only thing you need to do is to remember where exactly lays forks and pillow covers. But that’s the smallest thing to do, right?!

No matter how big or small, on which floor, with or without a balcony your future apartment is, it will be always completed with the furniture, different supplies, decor, and many necessities such as:


  • living room furnishings (sofa, coffee table, dining table, chairs, desk, television, bookcase, carpet, lighting, artworks),
  • kitchen supplies (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, dishes, dish towels, utensils, pot and pans, veggie peeler, mugs and glassware, cutting boards, mixing bowls),
  • bedroom necessities (bed, nightstands, lamps, dresser, extra blankets, pillows, and sheet sets, decorative items, and artworks),
  • bathroom supplies (toilet, sink, shower, bath, toilet brush, towel set, floor mats, wastebasket).

When furnishing an apartment, a landlord or company designs the best possible way to include in the apartment all the most necessary things and extras. Even more, every apartment may have its special design, style, and color gamut. Apartments can be made for a single person or a big friendly family, and be suitable for disabled persons.

The choice is great and there doesn’t exist that one right furnished apartment type! You can have everything you want, you only need to understand what exactly you are looking for and set your priorities! But companies like VillaroHome will help you to find options the best matching your wishes.